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Pastor G.T. Curry, Sr.

A native Texan, George T. Curry, Sr. was born in Ledbetter, Texas to Milton and Early Curry. During his early years, he lived in Midland, Texas and Denver, Colorado. He is married to Mrs. Christine N. Curry; and has three children: Linda Gates, George T. Curry, Jr. and Felicia Lott. He has always worked with children – be it church or school.

After his call to the ministry, he worked and attended several Bible School including, Rocky Mountain Bible Institute; he later received his BA of Theology from Union Seminary in Houston, Texas

In 1975, Rev. Curry accepted the pastoral position at Mt Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church in Independence Heights. During these thirty years, he served the community in many capacities: he is most noted for his service to the local schools such as Burris Elementary, Kennedy Elementary, and Booker T. Washington High School.

He also served as Precinct Judge, and a member of Minister’s Against Crime. Throughout his stay in Houston, Texas he has worked with three mayors; namely, Kathy Whitmire, Bob Lanier and Lee Brown. On several occasions he was invited to give the prayer at functions in our state’s capital.

Rev. Curry is very active in church activities at all level, local, city and state; and he has one theme that he preaches and practice at all times; and that is God, family, education and civic responsibility.

Rev. Curry continues to minister to all of God’s people; be it spiritual, educational or political, and when time and weather permits he is devoted fisherman.



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